triple S-GmbH

In the spring of 2012, specTra acquired a stake in triple S-GmbH, which was founded in 2008, and accompanied the growth of the up-and-coming company with corresponding funds

triple-S has developed a patented heating system based on geothermal energy for switches in the rail network and for surface heating for e.g. platforms in railway stations.

The company hasĀ  received approval for the rail network of Deutsche Bahn AG in 2011 and has had its development patented.

International rail infrastructure and industrial customers are increasingly looking for more efficient and effective point heating systems that meet the ecological requirements of the future.

Here, triple-S is a pioneer and clear innovator in the field of sustainable and green geothermal technology.

Heat sources from deep boreholes, industrial wastewater, near-surface waters, etc. are used.

specTra and other shareholders sold their shares to a private investor in 2016.